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ruth gordon

The Inspiration behind Ruth's work comes from an investigation of the colours,textures and patterns found in cakes and sweets.

her passion for colour and texture has lead her to dye nylon monofilament and use brightly coloured enamels and plastics which she heats, forms and combines silver, corrugated with steel presses, to match what can be found in the confectioner's window. She also incorporates different silver chains, small amounts of gold, semi precious stone beads, and pearls in some of her pieces to give an extra edge of preciousness.

She combines traditional jewellery techniques with modern ones to recreate the vibrant colours and textures found in her source material.

her newest range that is evolving, is a collection made from silver and nylon monofilament. She hand ties the nylon bright oloured thread then knots and twists it to create interesting shapes and textures which she frames with silver.

Ruth shares a studio in Dundee with another jeweller and since graduating has exhibited her work across the UK nd in Japan.

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