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madeleine shepherd

Madeleine is an Edinburgh artist, born, educated and living in the city. She has been making photographs since she was a child in the 60s, and textile pieces as in this exhibition, since 1980. Her formal education is in mathematics and life sciences. Madeleine's photography draws mainly on an interest in botanical and scientific illustration. Her craft work creates less obvious links between art and science.

Madeleines current work is largely three-dimensional felted knitting and crochet. She feels that the basic process of knitting is deeply mathematical. ' I have always been fascintaed in the idea of taking a continuous length of essentially one-dimensional yarn and creating two or three dimensional objects by systematically looping it through in itself'
The resulting bottle and bowl forms in exciting colours and textures, have a tactile, sculptural attraction that needs no mathematical insight to appreciate. Madeleine has also created an intriguing collection of Mobius baskets which have no inside or outside but can still be used as containers.

In addition, Madeleine has created a range of felt brooches, some inspired by scientific illustrations and others rooted in the traditional knitting of Shetland.

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