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keith salmon

Keith was born in Essex in 1959 and moved with his family to Wales in the late 60's. He studied Fine Art at Shrewsbury and Falmouth Schools of Art between 1979 and 1983, before setting up a studio in Newcaste Upon Tyne where he worked for the next few years.

In 1989 he moved back to Wales to join his partner and together they set up a new studio. Around this time his sight deteriorated very quickly and within a few years he had to stop exhibiting work and instead try to find new ways of painting, using just the very limited sight he now had left.

He and his partner moved to Ayrshire in 1998 and although he was by this time registered blind, he had enough confidence in the new paintings and drawings to once again start exhibiting them. He now has a studio space at Courtyard Studios in Irvine and exhibits work regularly.

Keiths' work has developed along two paths; the organised scribbles that are his drawings and the bolder marks in oil or acrylic of his paintings. Recent works, which are based on his experiences whilst hill walking in the Scottish Highlands, have combined these two techniques to create richer and more vigourous paintings.

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