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  fiona hermse

Fiona graduated in 2007 from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen with a First Class Honours degree in Three Dimensional Design. She is currently living and working in Edinburgh and has exhibited at various galleries throughout the UK. Each piece of her jewellery is unique and individually hand made.

The main focus of her work is to convey the beauty of objects of nature such as fruit stones and kernels, seeds, cacti plants, roots, eroded seashells and twigs. It isthe most simplistic nature, or intricate details of these objects which Fiona finds the most fascinating; she is preoccupied with the fact that rich form, texture, surface, pattern, line and colour occur even in the most seemingly insignificant detail or aspect of a life form, such as the shrivelled outer casing of an avocado stone or the intricate, fibrous composition of a sea-worn setion of plant root.

Fiona works in an experimental way, mainly wih silver and combinations of other materials such as monofilament, wool, enamel and copper. Many of her pieces involve silversmithing and forging as well as traditional jewellery techniques.

Fiona strives to capture the essence of an organic object without the finished piece looking like an imitation, thus creating an obscure, curious and evocative aesthetic. I hope to invoke thought on how we should respect and value the infinte beauty and ingenuity existing in the natural world.